Crafting a Brand of Support for the Cancer Journey

The Cancer Support Community (CSC) embodies the powerful spirit of “community stronger than cancer.” Their unwavering mission advocates for the well-being of everyone impacted by this disease, offering critical support to patients, families, and caregivers.

We were entrusted with the privilege of partnering with CSC from the outset, becoming an extension of their communications team. From crafting their initial brand identity to translating their ethos across diverse mediums, we ensured consistent and impactful messaging resonated with all audiences. This included annual reports, sub-branded logos, brochures, and fact sheets, each piece playing a vital role in amplifying CSC’s mission and reach.


Cancer Support Community brand guidelines showing their color palette, logo usage, and sub-branded logos. Eleven cover designs for different CSC's reports. Two brochure cover designs and three spreads for each showing the history of CSC and it's accomplishments. Two years of annual report design for CSC that show rich information packed designs and infographic dense layouts. Showing a collection of CSC's conference marketing materials for two different years.