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Getting to yes

Design Positive is a strategic branding and accessibility agency. Need an accessible website? A laser-focused annual report? A brand redesign? We’ve got you covered. Let us guide you through the creative process, asking the right questions to bring your ideas from abstract concept to brilliant execution and—a bonus—making sure you have fun getting there.

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Access for all

Some 57 million Americans live with a disability, yet only 10% of websites are accessible to them. We’re not okay with that. Design Positive recognizes the importance of access for all people, and we create websites that meet this need. If your project needs Section 508, ADA or WCAG accessibility compliance, we are here to guide you through the process.

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Walking the talk

We are a green graphic design company that thrives on being carbon neutral. For example, this website is housed on the first solar-powered server farm in North America. Our main office is wind-powered. We incorporate sustainable practices into nearly every aspect of our operations. And we’re always eager to help our clients understand recycled papers and leverage their sustainable practices and certifications. Check out our Podcast.

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Full service, full throttle

We live in a multi-faceted, multi-channel world, where one method of communication just won’t cut it. And that’s where Design Positive shines. We design for all mediums; print, digital, broadcast, outdoor media, or otherwise. Our creative team will listen to your vision, build on your concept, and keep you in the loop and on track from the beginning. Priority #1 is making sure that your goals are met.

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Delivering results

Our clients run the gamut from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. But they all have a few things in common. They value good design. They want a team they can trust with their brand—one that’s easy to work with. And, like all businesses, they want to achieve results. That’s exactly what we do.

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No red tape

Unreturned voicemails. Unanswered emails. Unnecessary frustration. These are not things you’ll experience when you work with Design Positive. Because each project is run by one of our managing directors, you always have access to the creative running your project…there’s no playing phone tag. We are here for you when you need us. Unhappy clients? Not on our watch.

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Limitless creativity

Your ideas are unlimited—your design team should be as well. Design Positive employs a core team of creatives dedicated to making your project shine. When needed, we also draw from a global community of highly skilled professionals. From Tokyo to Tennessee, we don’t limit ourselves by location… we have partners to suit any project, regardless of whether they’re next door or halfway around the world.

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Collaboration 24/7

Great ideas can come anywhere and anytime—in the shower…at night…at the airport…even at work. So how do you make sure your design team moves at the speed of inspiration? You pick a design team like ours. Our collaboration tool allows you to check in on your project 24/7. Just log in from any web-connected device and presto—you’re up to speed in seconds.