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Industrial Designer

Industrial Design, Sustainability, and the Future of Products

Frank Tyneski, a world-renowned industrial designer with more than 80 patents, dials in and talks frankly on how the ID industry works to be more sustainable, and the hurdles they overcome everyday. Sit down, listen in, and gain insight from a key industrial design leader who’s designed cars, toys, medical equipment, furniture and consumer electronics for global brands and was a past executive director of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).

Tom Oberlin portrait


Vertical Farming & Server Rooms in Modified Shipping Containers

Tom Oberlin, entrepreneur, world traveler, out of the box thinker with three decades or business management, calls in from Brazil to provide insight on how he’s building sustainable businesses with modified shipping containers—vertical farming and energy efficient mobile server rooms. Click on in and listen to some amazing success stories, learning moments, and how to turn business challenges into profitable solutions. Tom Oberlin, a truly remarkable business visionary.

Andi Simon portrait

Corporate Anthropologist

Corporate Anthropology Improves Your Triple Bottom Line

Andi Simon, corporate anthropologist, author, podcaster, writer, professor, and all around “aha!” observationalist. Listen in and hear how a doctor in anthropology discovers new and profitable opportunities many companies overlook. Plus, learn how to add this type of thinking into your own company’s DNA in order to turn observations into innovation and how to revitalize businesses seeking growth.

Mike Stratta portrait

Quantitative Analysit

Quantitative Analysis & Marketing Decision Science

Mike Stratta, leader in quantitative analysis and marketing decision science, lecturer, and celebrated entrepreneur. Sit back and listen closely as we cover an enormous amount of ground in a short period of time. From deciphering a brand’s digital fingerprint to statistical analysis of one’s marketplace to tactical implementation on how best to move forward. Yes, this podcast can help you better understand how your brand operates in the digital world.

Jon Rosser portrait.


Co-ops: Lessons Learned On How to Improve Brand Value

Jon Roesser, visionary, talent finder, ethically responsible manager, and business leader in his community. He started his career 25 years ago in the corporate world and with the last 12 in the co-op arena—he’s got a lot to share. Do you understand how a co-op functions, grows, and provides for the neighborhoods in which they serve? Hit play and listen to Jon explain his world, how it affects us all, the and many lessons learned.

Arnaud Saint Paul portrait

Chief Strategy Officer

Conscious Capitalism and So Much More!

Arnaud Saint-Paul, serial and social entrepreneur, philanthropist, blockchain for social impact expert, Chief Strategy Officer at Conscious Capitalism DC, and recipient of many awards and honors. Leading with his heart, he teaches the Heartfelt Leadership Method™ to business executives, while also working to teach 1 billion kids how to support charities and learn sustainable financial literacy. Arnaud has a vision, and a passion for bringing about positive change in many ways.

Rives Taylor portrait


Architecture: Sustainability, Wellness & Resilience for Productivity

Rives Taylor, architect, sustainability expert, professor, AIA fellow, and overall resilience designer and thinker that takes us on a journey way beyond just building sutainable spaces. Dive in and come away with a well-rounded understanding of how architecture, interior design, sustainability, and wellness produce a more productive, healthier, and inclusive workplace for all.