Elderly cancer patient with her daughter embracing her.

Supporting Individuals and Families Facing Cancer

For those touched by cancer, CSC provides more than just support — it builds compassionate communities, fosters strength, and dismantles barriers to care. We partnered with CSC, crafting their transformative brand from the ground up. From the emblematic logo to countless marketing materials: brochures, displays, banners, annual reports, even a united family of logos — we wove their vision into every project.

Woman sitting on a bed looking at the results of a pregnancy test.

Reducing Unplanned Pregnancy Year after Year

For over 20 years, The National Campaign has been a beacon of hope for young people, shedding light on brighter futures through education and leadership. By empowering communities, informing families, and advocating for responsible policies, we’ve collaborated to create impactful resources: from marketing materials and reports to social media graphics, logos, and brochures. This legacy of knowledge and support, built together, ripples across generations.

Mixed racial couple holding up their child and smiling.

Creating a Fair and Just Society for Families to Thrive

Where whispers of injustice become roars for change, The Center for the Study of Social Policy champions a world where every child and family thrives. They weave community voices into powerful data, ignite policy shifts with research, and empower advocates with compelling ideas. Being their design partner, we craft all types of marketing materials that amplify their mission: building a fair and just society, one voice, one policy, one family at a time.

Blind African American woman with a pink business jacket on holding a seeing eye walking cane.

Supporting Accessibility Professionals Internationally

Being a leader of inclusive innovation and empowering global accessibility champions, IAAP bridges the gap between passion and expertise: offering professional training, vital certifications, and a thriving network. As accessibility advocates ourselves, we proudly collaborated in shaping their visual identity. Our bold logo and strategic branding elements reflect their international influence and unwavering commitment to a universally accessible future.

Branded Group's management team working on a habitat for humanity project.

Building a Business and Future Humanitarian Leaders

Beyond fixing fixtures, Branded Group builds better communities. More than facility maintenance, they wield paintbrushes for Habitat for Humanity, clear trash from beaches, and lend support to heroes and furry friends. But their greatest project? Building a conscious business that lights the way for future humanitarian leaders. That’s a company we’ve had the pleasure of working with to build their brand from the ground up to Inc. 500, in just 5 years.

Two hands surrounding a family of wooden figurines.

Filling the Gap Where Health Insurance Falls Short

For more than 15 years, we’ve proudly supported HealthWell Foundation, a leading non-profit bridging the healthcare gap by offering critical financial assistance for copays, premiums, and medications. We’ve translated their story into powerful visuals — from photo shoots to elegant annual reports to a fully accessible website — playing a role in propelling their goal of everyone having access to the care they need.

Illustration showing a hospital with solar panels, food garden, windmill, and people playing in a park.

Sustainable Solutions for Health Care Worldwide

Practice Greenhealth, the healthcare sector’s sustainability champion, empowers over 1,400 hospitals to heal both patients and the planet. We partnered with them to make their vision tangible with vibrant posters, informative guides, data rich fact sheets, impactful reports, and eye-catching infographics. Always championing their mission, inspiring a future where caring for the environment seamlessly intertwines with caring for patients.

View from space of Earth and showing many points of major cities connecting with each other.

Corporate Responsibility on a Global Scale

Understanding corporate responsibility, the World Bank set out to champion ethical practices, environmental responsibilities, and empowering communities. Innovative projects and transparent operations pave the way for a thriving future built on responsible development. We partnered with their sustainability department, crafting a corporate responsibility sub-brand for internal marketing. This sparked change, rippling across offices globally.

Three ladies standing behind two large bins filled with donated baby supplies.

Offering At-Risk Families Supplies and Education

For families struggling under the weight of poverty, Little Essentials shines a ray of hope in the Big Apple. This nonprofit tackles childhood vulnerability and has empowered over 5,500 children under five. The focus on community empowerment, family education, and poverty elimination. We donated countless hours to their cause, helped crowdsource their logo, and designed their brand guidelines, a new website, and social media templates.

Two story high home improvement store front for a company called Treehouse.

Sustainable Home Improvement Done Right

Breathe easier, live greener, build brighter. Treehouse wasn’t just a home improvement store; it was a gateway to sustainable living. From eco-friendly paints to FSC certified lumber, they empowered you to craft a healthier home for your family, and the planet. We crafted eye-catching print ads, postcards, and even ads on ride-sharing bikes — inviting the local community to embrace the Treehouse ethos.

Large family standing in front of a Salvation Army facility.

Providing for Those That Need It, When They Need It

The Salvation Army is more than just a red kettle at Christmas. In every zip code, they’re a lifeline for families in need year round. They feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, guide youth, and fight addiction. Their holistic approach lifts individuals and strengthens communities, one helping hand at a time. We proudly partnered with them, showcasing their impact in their annual report and an in-depth company brochure.

Main Smithsonian brick building located off the Mall in Washington DC.

Guiding Travelers to Experience Argentina's Bicentennial

Spanning 14 museums and boasting millions of annual visitors, the Smithsonian dwarfs mere museums — it’s a global tapestry of history and culture. We wove it a little wider for Argentina’s Bicentennial, crafting a bilingual map guiding explorers through D.C.’s celebratory events. Plan your day, trace iconic landmarks, and find hidden gems — all at your fingertips. This wasn’t just a map; it was an invitation to experience Argentina’s vibrant spirit.

Crowds of people visiting booths at an assistive technology conference.

World’s Largest Assistive Technology Association

Empowering independence, Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) bridges the gap between innovation and everyday lives. As the largest assistive tech hub, they connect inventors, advocates, and users who dream of a more accessible future. We wove their vision into every pixel, crafting their accessible website, engaging marketing materials, social media templates, and the branding of their annual conference.

Group of young protesters with red chairs outside the United States Capitol protesting climate change.

Working to Create a More Sustainable World

From rainforests to reefs, Greenpeace tackles global challenges, sowing seeds of hope for a greener future. Their relentless campaigns confront polluters, safeguard biodiversity, and champion renewable energy. They push for bold policies and empower individuals to rise up. We partnered with them, translating their work into impactful, graphic-rich annual reports, helping readers grasp the vastness of their accomplishments.

Elderly man confused with his hand on his head.

Healthy Aging and Equitable Access to Care

For over 35 years, The Alliance for Aging Research has blazed a trail towards equitable, empowered aging for all. They defy the tired narrative, championing healthy aging as a gateway to dignity, independence, and a fairer future. We worked with their deep catalog of content to create a new website that was impactful, user-friendly, and accessible — especially for those with low vision and disabilities — shining a light on their groundbreaking work.

The three owners of Pink's Hollywood Hot Dogs standing in front of catering tent holding hot dogs.

A Family Tradition for a Fun Loving Community

Legends meet dogs (and chili!) at Pink’s. For generations, it’s been Hollywood’s hottest hangout, where laughter sizzles louder than grills and even A-listers crave a perfect hot dog. We built their accessible website, welcoming everyone to this star-studded scene. Choose your chili-crowned champion, plan your pilgrimage, and join the iconic chorus of bites. You might just rub elbows with the next silver screen legend!

Visually impaired man running next to a sighted guide, joined by a running tether.

Helping the Visually Impaired Run Marathons

Empowering visually impaired runners to conquer marathons, United in Stride fuels their dreams by partnering them with dedicated guides across North America. We designed their accessible website, ensuring a seamless journey for everyone, regardless of visual impairment. Please share the United in Stride website with someone visually impaired, opening the door to possibilities they may not have known existed.

Large grid of 50 people that were guests on the Triple Bottom Line podcast.

Showcasing Successful Business Leaders on Our Podcast

The Triple Bottom Line podcast spotlights business pioneers who focus on People, Planet, and Profit — their compass for success. Tune in for thought-provoking interviews with trailblazers in DEI, eco-champions rewriting sustainability narratives, and visionaries making accessibility the gold standard, all while turning a sustainable profit for all stakeholders. Ultimately, our podcast delves deep into ways of how to create a thriving circular economy.