Partnering for a Healthier and More Sustainable Future

Practice Greenhealth, the leading membership organization for sustainable healthcare, empowers hospitals and healthcare systems to reduce their environmental footprint and become leaders in environmental health. Their mission resonates deeply with our agency’s commitment to sustainable design.

We have had the privilege of collaborating with Practice Greenhealth across various departments, crafting a diverse range of materials to effectively communicate with their multifaceted audience. From infographics and posters to reports, targeted brochures, and comprehensive toolkits, our design solutions consistently elevate their brand, messaging, and perceived value.


Sustainability cover design showing how a hospital can be at the center of sustainability for the whole community and shows some inside spreads. Six report covers and a large infographic poster. Silhouette of a person standing next to three posters and a cover five interior spread designs for the Healthier Hospitals corporate brochure.