Engaging Many Audiences with Education and Data

Effective design can break down barriers and spark crucial conversations, particularly when addressing sensitive topics with young people. Our collaboration with The National Campaign exemplifies this transformative power.

We’ve helped them create impactful materials that resonate with many audiences, from the pocket-sized and discreet “The Pocket Protector” which became their top-selling publication, to “One Voice 2012,” a visually engaging report featuring 60 infographics that simplifies complex data. In every project, we ensure adherence to branding guidelines while using creative solutions to transform information into engaging experiences for everyone.


Dynamic annual report cover with images shown in a stacking of diamond shapes and three interior designed spreads. Five infographics showing a reduction in unplanned pregnancies and four interior annual report spreads. Designs for three completely different looking brochure for communicating unplanned pregnancy data. Data rich brochure design showing a cover and seven infographic charts and cover designs for six additional brochures. Three stayteen.org logo designs and an accordion folding pocket brochure to educate young people on birth control. 20th anniversary annual report cover showing a large number twenty filled with many little images to illustrate the growth over those twenty years.