Flexible, Customizable, Functional

We live in a fast-paced world where every business wants to deliver the most important details to clients as quickly and effectively as possible. No one has time to waste and no one wants to waste time. That’s why we helped EntreMed create this combination marketing brochure/folder. With boilerplate language on one side and a pocket to hold materials on the other, this folder is completely customizable and flexible enough for use in any situation. Even better? Instead of wasting time and money printing materials that go out of date before they can be used, EntreMed simply prints small runs of a variety of items. They have all the tools they need to create custom marketing pieces whenever they need them. If they want to show clients a press packet, they just load the folder with a press release, copies of news articles and a CEO’s letter. Maybe they’re marketing an upcoming event. No problem—they just add the agenda, marketing flyer, some fact sheets and an RSVP card. The whole piece is customizable, functional, sustainable and cost-effective.