Bridging the gap.

As an organization devoted to making the world accessible, the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) needed branding that had a specific feeling…something that evoked their mission to help all people access information regardless of ability. So when the IAAP approached us to design their logo, we knew the design needed to suggest access and connectedness; and what better way to accomplish that goal than by incorporating a typographic bridge into the logo? The connected A’s, arching through the middle of the logo, demonstrate how the IAAP is focused on connection; in fact, their mission is to promote and improve the accessibility profession. In addition, we offered a comprehensive branding package that included stationery, a branding style guide, e-newsletters and—coming soon—their member website. The end result? A seamless integration of branding across all IAAP channels and a logo that perfectly illustrates what the organization stands for.