Streamlining Healthcare Access for Americans in Need

HealthWell partnered with us to craft a user-friendly and accessible website. This included diverse design options catering to various needs, dynamic content ensuring freshness and engagement, a meticulously structured application process, seamless integration with Salesforce, and a custom database allowing users to match prescription drugs with available financial assistance.

The result? A transformed digital hub that has become an invaluable resource for countless individuals seeking healthcare support. This success has led to an ongoing partnership with HealthWell, allowing us to continue propelling their mission forward through impactful design solutions across various projects.


Three interior spreads of an annual report showing charts, graphs, logos, and text. Two interior pages of an annual report and two close up infographics. Three annual report cover designs and a 25 foot wide booth display. Three large website screen captures showing the new design for HealthWell Foundation website. Brand guidelines book design for HWF Direct. Two banner up displays for a health conference.