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Taylor Martin

Founder & Chief Creative

Taylor Martin Chief Creative Officer & PresidentTaylor’s 20+ years in the design and communications industry have given him the opportunity to work in publishing, advertising, investor relation communications, advocacy advertising and a multitude of other areas. These experiences have provided Taylor a real-world understanding of how to craft messages, build brands, target audiences and—most important—work well with clients. Without a doubt, his sharpest skill is understanding his clients…from the first spark of an idea to refining a concept and getting to that eureka moment. He does what it takes to make clients happy and—true to his personal motto—always finds a positive solution to every challenge.

In 2007, Taylor founded VoxVerde—now Design Positive—to help companies leverage their greener side through the use of sustainable design and production principles. Over the years, he learned how few websites were accessible to people with disabilities. So he broadened the firm’s focus to incorporate accessibility while being environmentally friendly and results focused. Now on the forefront of environmental, user-friendly and accessible design, Design Positive works with companies and organizations to make positive changes in their brand and with their audiences. From the nation’s first 100% wind-powered restaurant chain to non-profits like Greenpeace, government institutions like the Smithsonian and publicly traded companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb, Taylor’s clients run the gamut.

Taylor graduated magna cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He’s been an ambassador for EcoTuesday, a nationwide organization that brings people together in their communities to discuss green initiatives in an open forum. He’s a family man who enjoys clean food, good friends, open conversations and always trying something new.


Patrick Worley

Creative Director

Patrick Worley Creative Director

Patrick’s diverse career spans more than 25 years of providing comprehensive creative solutions for a variety of clients, including the USPS, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, The University of Georgia, JCPenney, The Upperroom and Screen Gems Studios. His passion for details and his thorough understanding of each client’s purpose enable him to spearhead the development of effective, efficient strategies for any audience.

Through his extensive publication background, Patrick has gained a very specialized digital-publishing skill set that gives Design Positive a strong foothold in the smartphone and tablet markets.

Innovative, organized, dilligent and respectful are just a few key words that clients and co-workers alike use to describe Patrick. Others offer such terms as trendsetting, over-caffeinated and wanna-be-comedian.


Vinny McKee

Digital Director

Portrait of Vinny McKeeHooked on web design since way back in 1999, Vinny now has more than 10,000 hours of design and development experience. His analytical mind, unwavering attention to detail and constant drive to learn new things makes him a perfect fit for the ever-changing world of web development.

Vinny prides himself on his ability to listen to the needs of clients, communicate clearly, simplify complex problems and enthusiastically work with others. From complex websites to simple one-page properties, his experience covers projects of all sizes.

When he’s not programming, Vinny can be found reading about quantum mechanics and astrophysics, riding his dual-sport motorcycle, watching movies or walking his Blue Great Dane, Chloe.


Anthony Begnoche

Art Director

Portrait of Anthony BegnocheAnthony brings to Design Positive well over a decade of design experience ranging from an internal team at a Fortune 500 company to B2B-focused marketing agencies. Having focused on architecture before discovering his love for graphic design, Anthony subscribes to the “less is more” philosophy and has never met a grid he didn’t like.

With a keen eye for details, Anthony has developed print, web and strategic design for companies like EMC, VeriSign and Oracle, along with advocacy clients such as the United States Agency for International Development, The National Campaign and the Cancer Support Community—providing each client with brand-building, award-winning creative solutions that deliver results.


We work collaboratively with our clients to develop unified solutions for custom campaigns, brand creations and targeted marketing efforts.

To ensure the highest level of success, we align each project with an appropriate team of specialists. If a project requires a specific talent outside our core team’s expertise, we research the top players, interview them and then select the right specialist to join us for that project. Project-specific staffing enables us to maximize both our clients’ budgets and our team’s talents.

Great collaborations trigger insightful questions that produce rich answers, elevating solutions and opening doors to great work. Each solution is as unique as the challenges that created the need for it. To spark those collaborations, we use an online tool that enables each team member (clients included) to voice ideas at any time—because when lightning strikes, we want to harness it to power our clients’ designs.

Professional listeners
Sometimes your company needs a professional outside opinion to refine its design direction or explore new frontiers in efficiency or sustainability. To provide productive critiques that nudge your branding back on track or re-orient it on a new heading, we start by listening. A lot. Then we start digging, asking questions that get to the core of what you want to communicate. That’s when we identify ways to deliver your message in a more memorable and effective way.

Design forward
Because nothing successful stands still on the web, and design fads come and go, we design for the future—evaluating your needs and resources, tracking technology enhancements and drawing new specialists into our team to make sure your brand presence will continue to meet evolving usability standards, attract the attention of your audiences and reinforce your brand image, credibly.

Value = ROI + Benefits
For our clients, the value of our work derives from the positive return they see on their investment in enhancing their image and from our added benefits: providing environmentally responsible solutions; drawing on our network of colleagues, partners and affiliations; and using time and budget efficiently. Because we believe in being more creative than we need to be, we make sure that every option is discussed and reviewed, making the final design the right match for the client’s needs. And our methodology ensures that everything we produce is on time, on budget—and above expectations.